For all of you Skins fanatics out there!!
Edited pictures all by me :)
Photos thanks to the tv show we all know and love!

This is mainly for the UK version of Skins, but if you want any US pictures, don't hesitate to ask!


SORRY for the lack of posts! School ends on monday! I’ll be postin lots more after then :):):) LOVE YOU ALl!

do you know where i can watch naomily's episode???:)

try searching youtube! i watched all of series 3 and 4 on youtube :) ill try to message you a link if i find one!

Super busy :(

school is taking over my life! I’ll post new things as often as I can guys!!!!

Message me what kind of picture you guys want to see next :)


What’s your favorite generation of Skins?

hehe. Freddie and Effy will forever be my favorite couple but I LOVE THESE TWO :)

so do i!!